About the Administration

About Administration

The Department of Public Relations and Information was established with the establishment of the university's high administration in 1428 AH. The administration has a methodology for modernization, development and continuous training for its employees. Its primary goals are to enhance the administration's ability to accomplish its duties efficiently and raise the level of functional efficiency to meet the university standards. The Department of Public Relations and Information seeks to build trust between the university's employees, including faculty members, administrators, and students on the one hand, and between the university and the local community on the other hand.


Dr. Mufdi Ratian Al-Sharari
Director of the Public Relations and Media Department
إدارة العلاقات العامة والإعلام

Management vision and mission


Raising awareness about the university's mission and achievements among the university community.



The Massage 

That the Public Relations and Media Department become a role model among the university departments by providing the perfect service to the university community, improving its image and enhancing communication between the high management and the other university departments.


Management objectives


  • Developing and updating media communication with the university community.
  • Achieving the requirements of cooperation between professional media and the university and the various media.
  • Highlighting the university's achievements to the public through an updated periodic presentation of what is being achieved in terms of service programs, infrastructure and development.
  • Integrated coordination of the university's activities in a way that achieves the pioneering goal that the university represents in the region.
  • Using the university’s potential within legal frameworks to serve the local community and its activities such as conferences, seminars and workshops.
  • Directing any suggested notes or proposals to relevant employees and evaluating the achievements through feedback.
  • Participate with the various departments at the university to prepare media materials, cultural posters, and publications related to the work and activities of the university.
  • Provide media organizations with the scientific and academic status of the university and its leading role in the region.